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We plant trees

and educate on their vital importance to countless other species.

One way to counteract the global trend of ecosystem degradation is through ecological restoration—the process of reinstating natural processes, often by reintroducing lost species into the landscape.

We are

  • carrying out local ecological restoration projects while disseminating global ideas

  • introducing key elements of the ecosystems - trees  - thereby writing the opening paragraph of a fascinating story

  • offering you the opportunity to take part in this story and make a long-lasting positive impact on the natural world



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We are planting trees in state-of-the-art ecological restoration projects. 

Only native tree species are planted, the ones planted can be found in the close proximity of our planting sites.

The native plant species are the ecological basis upon which life depends. The insects that co-evolved with them feed the local birds and other animal species. The complex and resilient ecosystems sustain us.


Your trees will create far reaching positive cultural and ecological ripple effects. 


our projects

Reintroduction of the oak (Quercus sp.) species into the Ciuc Basin 

We initiated the reintroduction of the oak (Quercus sp.) species into the Ciuc-basin. Until the 17th century, oaks were wide-spread here, but they disappeared due to anthropogenic causes.

After the growth of the trees, the small planted oak groves will function as eco-logical stepping stones: the propagules (acorns) of the planted trees will be spread by birds, helping the trees to slowly recolonize the abandoned agricultural lands nearby.


Bee-eaters grove

We are planting sessile oaks (Quercus petraea) and their companion species (maple, aspen, hawthorn a bit rowan) in a small sandmine.

Our scope is to create a forest/hedge  to separate a breeding colony of bee-eaters (Merops apiaster)  from human  disturbance.


Restoration of wind damaged forests of the Hășmaș Mountains

We are planting beech (Fagus sylvatica), fir (Abies alba) (tree species that develop pivoting roots) and spruce (Picea abies) mixed forests in Cheile Bicazului-Hasmaș National Park on wind-damaged surfaces in order to increase the resistance of the newly formed forests to the effects of global climatic change.

Reforestation of a land surface at the foot of the Retezat Mountains(Geopark of Dinosaurs Ţara Haţegului)

We are  creating an experimental plan-tation using native, early-successional (pioneer) tree species for the reforestation of degraded clay hill.

The species we are going to plant in 2022: Birch (Betula pendula) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris).

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Restoration of wood-pastures in Transylvania

Wood-pastures (pastures with scattered trees) are ecologically and culturally valuable landscapes formed mainly in the Middle Ages. 

The trees in a wood pasture are keystone structures – they serve as biodiversity hotspots. They provide habitat for a number of bat and bird species, lichens, fungi, and invertebrates. 

These habitats are in decline due to the changes in agricultural practices.

In the planting seasons Spring 2023 / Autumn 2023 we will plant sessile oak seedlings

(Quercus petraea) with the Conservation Carpathia Foundation on an area near the village of Cobor (Sibiu County).

How can we work together?

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Planting trees is both a symbolic act with long-lasting practical benefits for the planet and a significant contribution to ecological restoration projects that will positively impact future generations.


We offer tree planting services to various entities, including companies, institutions, and individuals. We provide regular updates on the progress and development of your tree seedlings over the coming years, enabling you to witness the positive impact your contribution has on the environment. Experience the entire journey of these young trees, from planting to growth.

Please contact us for personalised planting solutions or visit our online shop to plant some trees.


We are honored to share our passion and plant trees for a number of companies, among them 








a number of 4154 individuals to this date.

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